TopicHow to Fix PXE-E61 Error Issue

  • Fri 8th Feb 2019 - 4:54pm

    Errors such as PXE-E61 are concerned with Preboot Execution Environment. Some of the motherboards support it. It is a fantastic boot mode that allows the computer search. With its help, you can look for and load the bootable operating system.


    It is quite common to confront PXE-E61 error. Very often it is because of misconfigured setting in BIOS. It can be most commonly be caused by the failure of the hard drive. Some of the most common errors related to PXE are: Media test failures, exiting Intel Boot Agent, exiting Intel PXE ROM etc. Errors are visible even before when the computer starts. You may see it on a black coloured background, generally with additional text.

    Troubleshooting PXE-E61 Error

    1. Change boot order in BIOS- This will help you in booting from the hard drive at the place of the network. BIOS will look for the operational system. A system that is installed on local hard drive. Most of the computers are set up this way only. Complete this step with care. When you change the boot order, then it restricts computer form booting from the network. You will not get any error messages related to PXE.
    2. Ensure that it can detect hard drive and access BIOS. If you see PXE-E61 error then just Search Boot menu and ensure Boot Drive Order screen. You will see a hard drive that won’t read “NO Boot Drive”. Shut down your PC if the BIOS isn’t detecting any of the hard drives. Ensure the connection between HDD cables.
    3. You want to boot from UB, then ensure that the device is bootable actually. BIOS will search for any other device to boot. It can try to use network by showing up PXE-E61 error.
    4. Take help of ‘Rufus’ for making a bootable device of USB. Cross check whether the boot sequence is set to boot off the USB.
    5. Type the BIOS and cut the PXE if not using. Generally, it is found on Boot menu, named ‘Boot to Network’ or the Ethernet.
    6. If you have to use PXE for booting network, then just check that network cable is plugged in correctly. Without any proper connection, PXE cant communicates over networks. You will get the PXE-E61.
    7. Just update network card drivers and fix error PXE-E61. When you have an outdated, corrupted or missing driver then beware because it can restrict system form accessing network. It stops the proper working of PXE.
    8. Reset the BIOS and clear out the CMOS. When PXE-E61 is because of misconfigured BIOS setting, just reset it to the default option. The error will get cleared out this way.


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