Privet, Privet!

Wed 30th Mar 2016 - 6:00pm : Recruitment

Even though we announced the completion of our Hearthstone team on Sunday we still have one player to introduce.

The CIS gaming community is one of the biggest in the world, with known organisations like NaVi, Virtus.Pro and Empire the CIS region has many dominant players. Also, the reigning European pre-eliminary champion, Naiman, is also from this region!

To expand towards a huge range of potential visitors we add Vladyslav "Privet" Chepys to our Hearthstone roster. The player from Ukraine is a perfect fit to our organisation. He adds experience to our roster with 23 won tournaments on strivewire and many contacts to top players in the CIS region. On his Twitch Account you can look through his list of achievements which will take a couple of minutes. The expansion is a huge step especially on CIS Lan events with many visitors and a high level of competition.

(Top right corner: Privet at the ONOG Summer Circuit with 23.000 viewers Source: ONOG Twitch)

Privet will be a huge boost for our lineup, which is finally completed now. Welcome, Vladyslav! Let's have a great time!



Konstantinos Adoniou

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