A new quartet in Hearthstone

Fri 25th Mar 2016 - 6:18pm : Recruitment

Last weeks, even months our focus was clearly on FIFA but today we proudly present you four new Hearthstone players.

Let's start with our new Greek duo. Xenofon "XennFoo" Charisis and Nikos "KennySAD" Tsiu showed impressive results in the ESL already. Both are ranked among the Top 5 players in the overall ranking in Hearthstone. KennySAD was close to qualifying for IEM in Katowicze losing close before the final spot. Both players are from Ioannina, Greece and know each other personally. The Greek Hearthstone Community is pretty big with many good players who show strong results in online tournaments, we were able to sign two of the best out of this community.

Our two Spanish players know each other personally as well. Manuel "avalon01" Villareal Perez is placed at #13 in the overall ESL Hearthstone ranking and finished his Autumn League group with a score of 7-0-0. Manuel "ManulK" Villareal Ruiz had also a good Autumn League run with 6-0-1 and is also really motivated to strive for more achievements. The Spaniards from Valencia will play the Hearthstone Tavern Hero Qualifier in Valencia next Saturday. The winner will get a spot in the Tavern Hero Valencia Finals and a chance to qualify for the ESL Spring Pre-Eliminaries.

All players will be active in playing online and offline tournaments to gather Hearthstone WCS points for the World Championship qualifiers. We are looking forward to a succesful future!



Konstantinos Adoniou

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