TwoMillionWays reaching the Final at VBL Frankfurt

Sat 13th Feb 2016 - 5:19pm : Gaming

In the 2nd VBL Live Event in Frankfurt 64 players participated in the groupstage. 16 groups with 4 players each and the top 2 proceeding to the next round were the format of the tournament. The winner was able to secure a spot in the final of the German FIFA Championship.

Players like the former German national player KeWin, Acer player Sneijder and the Austrian Grego1607 participated in the qualifier. Also in the list of participants: our player Axel "TwoMillionWays" Waldmannstetter.

TwoMillionWays cruised through the groupstage with three wins and without conceeding a single goal (7:0 goal difference). He took his shape to the next rounds beating his opponents 3:1 and 3:2. In the quarterfinal he had to face the VBL Frankfurt winner of 2013: Onur Kizilkan. But he showed his amazing defensive abilities once again beating him 2:0.

The semifinal was played in a BO2 mode and the games were much closer. He beat his opponent xMrKaNi in the ESL Major already some days ago but the games were much closer than expected. After winning the first one 4:1 he lost the 2nd game 0:3 going into overtime where he was able to take the series.

Heading into the final match his opponent was uX-Random who was able to beat the tournament favourite Acer-Sneijder in the semi final. TwoMillionWays had a bad start in the series with a 1:4 loss in the first game. The second one was much closer and the players were tied at 1:1 after 90 minutes. Anyway, it was an amazing performance by our player in his first major event and the second place is a great achievement. Congratulations and we are looking to the VBL Live event in Munich!



Konstantinos Adoniou

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