Weekly News #6

Wed 10th Feb 2016 - 7:00pm : Gaming

Another week filled with results by our players and it is also some kind of preparation for the important offline events this month.

Matcharena Monthly Final dominated by eFlames

As we reported last week already, three of our players were qualified for the Matcharena Monthly Final in FIFA. All of our players were able to win their first round matches but only one of them was able to pass round 2. Robin "CORE" Kern lost 3:4 in the quarterfinal against the later finalist Fin92. Axel "TwoMillionWays" Waldmannstetter and Florian "F_L_O1508" Jahny had to face each other in the quarterfinals, F_L_O1508 was on the winning side in close match which ended 1:0. He made his way straight to the final match which was also won 4:0 by him. Congratulations for the first cup win!

Only F_L_O1508 was successful in ESL Cups

The ESL Cups were not really successful compared to previous weeks but F_L_O1508 was able to confirm his shape with a 4th place in the ESL GO4FIFA Germany Cup beating SK.YAYA in the Round of 16. In the monthly ranking he is on the 4th rank with good chances to qualify for the monthly final.

TwoMillionWays with good Major Ladder results

He didn't win a cup but his results in the Major Ladder were good. TwoMillionWays went over 50 ranks up to #42, followed by F_L_O1508 on #68 (last week #46), CORE on #72 (last week #85) and l-k-w13 #161 (from #212).

Update eFlames FIFA Team Premiership

Only 5 days left for our upcoming FIFA Team Premiership and 5 spots are still open. Right now following teams have their spots safe:

Playing Ducks
SK Gaming
Penta Sports
STARK eSports #1
STARK eSports #2
Team Eisenbahnstreet
NXG Gaming
SFD Gaming
FC Mutti Zettel

The best FIFA players in Germany take part in our competition, it is your chance to participate in the first season of our league. Don't be afraid of the competition and sign up for it!

What can you expect in the next weeks?

The next weeks will be full of offline competition! We will present you our clanwear, play offline events in Frankfurt and Munich and hopefully introduce new players. Until then: Feel the heat!




Konstantinos Adoniou

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