Weekly News #4

Mon 25th Jan 2016 - 9:00pm : General

The new year is running and things look much better in our FIFA squad! The level of activity is higher than ever before and the results look more than solid.

eFlames dominate Matcharena rankings

Three of our four FIFA players are ranked in the Top 16 of the Matcharena ranking for January which would bring them a slot in the monthly final. Axel "TwoMillionWays" Waldmannstetter is on top of the leaderboard with 190 points after winning the first cup and being the runner up in the second cup. His participation in the monthly final won't be in danger with one cup remaining.
Florian "F_L_O1508" Jahny is ranked on #7 with 80 points after his 3rd place in the 2nd cup, his path to the monthly finals look safe as well. Last but not least team captaint Robin "CORE" Kern find himself on rank #13 with 35 points on his side. With a solid result in the last cup he should be able to qualify but things still look shaky for him, anyway his chances are not too bad to be the third eFlames player in the finals.

Major Ladder started

After the winter break the ESL FIFA 1on1 Major Ladder started mid of January. The top 8 players of the ranking will have the possibility to participate in the highest German FIFA competition: the German ESL Championship. 

All of our four players are active in this competition, after two weeks TwoMillionWays is ranked at #40 with 2 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses. F_L_O1508 (W3-D1-L3) and CORE (W2-D1-L2) are ranked on #73 and #83. Our 2nd Jahny borther l-k-w13 (W2-D0-L2) is on #120.
There is still a long way to go for our players but keep on going boys, still plenty of time left to get one of the top ranks.

ESL Premium Cup #3: don't mess with CORE

The first months of FIFA 16 were not the best of CORE's eSport career but our team-captain is getting back in shape. In the 100€ ESL Premium cup, one of the hardest online cups overall he is in the semi-final already beating Acers poldi10 4:2 in the quarter final. His next opponent will be decided in the match between SK.Yaya and DEHAMAD. Whoever will come, CORE is highly motivated to reach his first final this year and winning the whole competition!

Hearthstone keeps struggling

Our Hearthstone player Konstantinos "Kosta" Adoniou is still looking for achievements and his first HCW points for the ranking. After reaching rank 4 this week he lost in round 1 of both tournaments he participated in and got back on rank 6. His activity was high but still not finding the decks he should go with.



Konstantinos Adoniou

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