Team Premiership Semifinals!

Mon 28th Mar 2016 - 8:30am : eFlames FIFA Premiership

16 teams participated in the eFlames Team Premiership with the aim to win the whole thing but four teams made it to the final four.

Anonymous 8:4 Team NeXtGen

With three former Team Acer players Anonymous were among the favourites from the beginning and they were able to confirm their role, winning the group of death and getting in the semifinals without bigger problems.
Team NeXtGen also won their group and received a default win against STARK #1 in the quarterfinals, which might be problematic getting in the semifinals without another playoff match played before.

Anonymous kept their cool and showed a strong performance once again with all players making points consistently. Both round ended in ther favour and they will be our first finalists!

Team Eisenbahnstreet 7:5 SK Gaming

SK Gaming, as one of the biggest names in eSport, had a bad start but afterwards they were back even stronger. The same thing happened with Team Eisenbahnstreet. They had really close results in the groupstage but especially Jan "SnEijDeR" Zimmermann found his shape after showing poor results in the first two matches.

And SnEijDeR made the difference once again with 3 points. The other players shared the points but the 3-point performance cleared the path to the finals for Team Eisenbahnstreet.

This week we will have the last matches!

3rd place decider:
Team NeXtGen vs. SK Gaming

Anonymous vs. Team Eisenbahnstreet

In the players' ranking Daniel "Dani_Fink" Fink is still leading the board with no possibility to increase his score but his lead is solid. Anyway, Timo "TimoX" Siep and Cihan "Cihan" Yasarlar still have the possibility to pass him!

1. Dani_Fink (STARK #1) - 12 Points - 4 PPG - 26:3 Goals - 7,88
2. TimoX (Anonymous) - 13 Points - 3,25 PPG - 20:10 Goals - 6,74
3. Cihan (SK Gaming) - 13 Points - 2,6 PPG - 28:14 Goals - 6,3
4. GOOKU94 (vination) - 10 Points - 3,33 PPG - 23:11 Goals - 5,67
5. Poldi10 (Team Eisenbahnstreet) - 11 Points - 2,75 PPG - 19:11 Goals - 5,13

We are looking to a great last week and never forget: feel the heat!




Konstantinos Adoniou

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