Premiership Wednesday Action

Wed 24th Feb 2016 - 10:47pm : eFlames FIFA Premiership

Today we had an evening fully loaded with eFlames Team Premiership games. Three games were played tonight and one of the games was finished last night. Let's start with this one:

PENTA Sports 9:3 FC Mutti Zettel
PENTA Sports is one of the strongest organisations in Germany right now with players in all kind of eSport titles. Short time ago they were able to sign the former hoorai players Manoel "GueRreRo" Rahm and Kevin "daimonde" Santner. Daimonde was able to win the World Cyber Games 2010 in Los Angeles. Paired with their other players who made a name in the consoles community already PENTA looks really strong in the competition.
FC Mutti Zettel are one of the mystics in the field but their level of activity is really high and they are motivated to surprise the established players.

The surprise was not possible in this match. Chris "dbytesonyloveme" Tange had a good day with three points but he was the only one of his team to perform well. The other matches were clearly in favour of PENTA Sports. Alexander "KnuSper" Kneußel and Mario "MMayo" Reubold were too much too handle for FC Mutti Zettel, both of them showed stunning results and they increase their chances to win the players MVP title. 

Team neXtGen 9:3 SK Gaming
In this game one of the most popular eSport organisations of all time, SK Gaming had to face a more or less newcomer team of Team neXtGen. SK Gaming filled their roster with players from their most successful squad of all time. Just missing the Schellhase twins the team around Joshua "Kr0ne" Begehr the same with the addition of really strong players like Cihan "Cihan" Yasarlar.
Team neXtGen have a small roster of only four players but all of them show solid results in recent competitions and they are getting stronger and stronger. While they are pretty new to the PS4 community their results on XBOX One were even more impressive! Three German Championships and a VBL title are under their banner.

This was the first surprise of the tournament so far. Team neXtGen had an amazing first round which ended 6:0 and 11:2 goals. The oldschool lineup of SK Gaming did not work out. In the second round they rotated in Cihan who brought them two points. We are curious about their lineup in the next match against PANDA Gaming. Mohammed "mo_aubameyang" Harkous was definitely the player of the match with a 4 points performance.

STARK #1 10:2 AuT pBo #2
In this match the favourite was obvious before it even started. STARK #1 has one of the strongest lineups led by Daniel "Dani_Fink" Fink who was playing for the German Bundesliga Club VFL Wolfsburg before.
The second team of AuT pBo also consists of known Austrian players who should never be understimated. They showed good results on offline events already and are always ready for an upset.

The first match which ended in double digits. STARK #1 was just too good today and there were no ways to stop them. Especially Dani_Fink cruised over AuT_pBo #2 with 14:1 goals which also gives him the lead in the players ranking. But this match will be a huge boost of motivation for the Austrians and their next opponent should not feel too safe yet.

SFD-Gaming 7:5 eFlames
Last but not least the match of our FIFA Team against SFD-Gaming. The group looks really balanced in general and SFD-Gaming have many players which are ranked on good positions at the ESL Major Ladder right now. The team is more than solid with a good depth in their lineup.
Our players showed great results in recent tournaments. The lack of experience gets more and more unimportant and captain Robin "CORE" Kern should push the team on the right track.

The games were close but in the end SFD-Gaming were the more stable team and they took their 4:2 lead over the finishing line. Orhan "Okiib9310" B. won both of his matches convincingly and helped his team to win the match. The four points of CORE were not enough tonight. Anyway, congratulations to SFD-Gaming and good luck in the winners match.

The matches between STARK #2 - Team Acer and bPart Gaming - Team Eisenbahnstreet are still open but they will be finished during the week. We hope all teams experinced great matches with many more to go. Until then: FEEL THE HEAT!



Konstantinos Adoniou

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