eFlames FIFA Team Premiership

Wed 27th Jan 2016 - 8:50pm : eFlames FIFA Premiership

Our eSport organisation eFlames proudly presents the eFlames FIFA Team Premieship!
In the past many events were played in 5on5 mode and 3on3 later on but this kind of leagues disappeared! We want to bring them back and decided to offer a team league by ourselves with a overall prize money of 500 Euros for the first season! The premiership will be played on PlayStation 4.

#1 300 Euro
#2 150 Euro
#3 50 Euro

Which mode will be played? The premiership will be played in a classic 3on3 mode (3x 1on1s per round, overall 6 1on1s per match). A win adds 2 points to the teams scoreboard, a draw 1 point (12 points per match). A match example:
First LineUp Team 1
Peter, Michael, Bob

First LineUp Team 2:
Markus, Steven, Jonas

Round 1:
Peter 2:1 MarkusMichael 2:2 Steven
Bob 1:3 Jonas
Team 1 3:3 Team 2

Second LineUp Team 1:
Michael, Peter, Bob

Seond LineUp Team 2: (Markus can't play the second match because he has a date)
Steven, Jonas, Ismael

Round 2:
Michael 3:0 Steven
Peter 1:2 Jonas
Bob 2:1 Ismael
Team 1 4:2 Team 2

Overall Result: Team 1 7:5 Team 2

Team 1 wins and proceeds to the next stage/round.


The premiership consists of 4 groups with 4 teams played in the dual tournament mode. A team has to win two matches to qualify for the next round.

Here you have an example:

First stage:
Team A > Team B
Team C < Team D

Second stage:
Team A > Team D (Winners match, Team A is qualified for the next round)
Team B < Team C (Losers match, the losing team is out)

Third stage:
Team C > Team D (Team C will be #2 in the group also qualified for round 2)

Playdays will be every Wednesday and one stage will be played per matchday.

How do you join the league and what do you need to do so?
You need a team of at least 3 players (you can have more) and time to play on Wednesdays. Send an E-Mail to with following information:

- List of players
- Team Website (if you have one)
- Contact to you Team Manager/Captain (Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp)

16 teams will be invited to the eFlames FIFA Team Premiership!

All rules will be released close before the premiership begins but you can expect the standard rules for FIFA online competitions.

We are looking forward to your applications!



Konstantinos Adoniou

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